Company Background

Our Foundation for Success

Southwind Construction Services, LLC was founded in 1991 by Frank Narcomey, an Oklahoma native with more than 35 years of construction management experience. Frank 's father was a full-blood Seminole/Creek, and Frank was a member of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma. With the help of the SBA’s Section 8(a) program, the company grew from a start-up operation to one achieving sustained annual revenues over $25 million.


Southwind has successfully completed over 1,500 individual projects in excess of $500M for design-build, design-bid-build and construction management contracts nationwide. The firm’s experience includes a broad range of facility and infrastructure projects ranging to $15M in individual project size, and IDIQ contract awards ranging up to $50M per contract.

Facility projects have included new and renovation projects for office buildings, manufacturing facilities, aircraft hangars, school buildings, gymnasiums, hospitals, and more. Infrastructure projects have included projects for roadways, utilities, bridges, dams, and airport runways.


Southwind’s principal clientele include Government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Our focus has been to provide the highest level of service to a select few clients whom are seeking high quality, responsive design-build and construction management services nationwide. Our reputation is built upon exceeding client expectations for budget (cost containment), schedule (delivery), and quality (reliability).